CAR DRIFTING COMPETITION / TOP Drifts! (BMW M3 LSX vs BMW 2jz vs Silvia s13 s14 s15 vs Impreza V10)

Power drifting and lot of smoke! Best cars drifting in Europe! .The info is below⇩ Top 15 drifts Nissan Silvia Turbo vs 2JZ BMW vs M3 LSX supercharged vs Subaru Impreza V10 and more at qualifying session before drift battle.. Play it loud!
Small fails and mistakes at the end of video (no crash)… 04:26

Event: King of Europe 2016 Rd6
Car list, specs and participants:


00:00 BMW M3 E93 / Supercharged LSX /Benjamin Boulbes
00:18 BMW E46 M3 / Toyota SUPRA 2JZ / Adam Frank
00:35 Nissan silvia S13 / Nissan RB25DET / Joan Caballer
00:54 Nissan S13 / Toyota 1JZ / Molnár “Axl” András
01:11 BMW #M3 E30 / S62 V8 M5 / Remmo Niezen
01:29 Subaru #impreza GC8 / Subaru EJ20 / Massimo Checchin
01:46 #BMW #M6 / BMW V10 / Norbert Kovacic
02:04 BMW 325 / V8 Turbo / Vitor Mota
02:21 Nissan #S15 / V8 supercharged / Nicolas Maunoir
02:40 Nissan #S14 (Zenki) / Chevrolet LS3 V8 / A. Monteverde
02:55 Nissan #200sx “S13.5” / Toyota 1.5JZ / Marko Paasonen
03:12 Nissan S14a / Nissan SR20DET / Arnaud Emery
03:29 #Subaru Impreza / V10 Dodge Viper SRT10 / Oscar Ruiz
03:49 #SILVIA S14 / SR20DET / Cristian espinos “ATILA”
04:09 #Nissan Silvia PS13 #Drift / RB25DET / Mike Kauffmann

–Fails and Mistakes —

Toyota Celica GT-Four – Pasi Koliseva
Toyota 1JZ powered Nissan S13
V8 M5 E39 powered BMW M3 E30
V8 LSX Supercharger powered Nissan S13
Nissan GT-R RB25DET Powered Silvia S13

The drift rules are quite extensive .. but I think.. summarizing … the three most important would be ..

1- Entry speed
2- Angle and counter steer-Driving angle
3- Line clipping

this video was filmed with the Panasonic HC-VXF990 in 4k and sound recorded with a RODE Videomic PRO.

Thanks for watching!
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